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Frontline Zed action strategy shooter native build

frontline zed action strategy shooter games linux build windows pc

Frontline Zed is a new top down action strategy shooter for Windows PC, but we details about the games Linux build. Thanks to solo indie developer Richard East, creator of Volcanic Games. Coming to Steam this summer.

Frontline Zed is a new action strategy top down shooter. Which also takes places two weeks after a zombie apocalypse. While gameplay challenges players against a zombie onslaught. Defending against a realistic 3D zombie invasion by night. Also managing time repairing defences and searching for weapons. As well as recruiting other survivors by day. Sound interesting?

The gameplay sounds somewhat familiar. That is if you know Dying Light and RUST. So a zombie defence game would be a slight change. Here’s what Volcanic Games had to say about Linux support.

Linux Support:

Frontline Zed uses Unity. And some fairly advanced graphical plugins (for things like shadows, blood, terrain). And these unfortunately are only compatible with Windows builds, in my (limited) testing so far.

There is a possibility of overhauling these systems for a console release. Which would enable Mac and Linux support. But that depends on how sales for PC go. Since console porting is very difficult and expensive.

So the sales issues seems to rise again. Even for a Unity 3D game like Frontline Zed. Plus the developer is also using some unique plugins. Since this put the Linux build compatibility on the fence.
However, to gain more support. I did create a Discussion post so you can show some Tux Love.
However, there is also mention of Proton use on Steam. Stating, “It might possibly be compatible with Linux via Proton. However this has not been tested.”

Frontline Zed – Official Trailer (Windows PC, hopefully Linux)

So between the looting, shooting, and surviving. The details of story world will be revealed in a player diary. Which is all singleplayer by the way.
At certain points in the game. The player will also have important decisions to make. Like whether to help fellow survivors. Or simply to push ahead at all costs.

Frontline Zed features unlimited zombie rag dolls. There are also up to 100 zombie corpses on screen. Players can collect 14 unique weapons. Fighting through 12 different American environments. All on your way toward a rescue.


  • A story-driven two hours of zombie shooting pleasure
  • Full Controller support
  • English, German, Russian, Chinese language support
  • Inspired by classic flash games like The Last Stand

Developer Richard East also has his own story. Since he smuggled his monitor and other development equipment. Moving from his home in Australia to Eastern Europe. All in an effort to make the game.

Frontline Zed action strategy shooter will launch, Summer 2019. Which is going to be available on Steam. With a discounted release price of $9.99 USD (regular price $11.99 USD). Coming to Windows PC, with Linux hanging on sale.

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