Frozen Cortex now a full release for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Finally, #Mode7’s tactical #strategy #game Frozen Cortex has left Steam Early Access, giving players the opportunity to pick up the completed product for the first time at 20% off. And as an added bonus, some of the Early Access incentives are still active. So players will get an extra giftable copy of the game with purchase.

Frozen Cortex takes the turn-based strategy of Mode 7’s successful Frozen Synapse and applies it to the field. Teams of destructive robots will take the field and players must plan out how to outscore and outwit their opponents. The game will include the single-player Knockout, Global Cortex League, and Randomly Generated Season modes, as well as various multiplayer modes, including ones for custom leagues. Customization will also extend to players, teams, and pitches.

The new trailer for Frozen Cortex looks amazing and of course fully available now on Steam.


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