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Fuel the fire for Steel Storm 2 Development through Steam (PC) Sale

If you have yet to catch the Twitter and Google+ announcement from Linux Game Consortium. We received an email from Kot-in-Action Creative Artel, who now have Steel Storm: Burning Retribution on SALE through Steam (PC) @ $2.49.


Why is this so important?
Kot-in-Action is diligently working on Steel Storm 2 using idTech4 game engine. So the money earned from this sale is going into the development of the new title. Taking the already fantastic top-down, 3rd person aspects of Steel Storm and bringing them to a first-person experience.

“I apologize for e-mailing on short notice, but Steel Storm: Burning Retribution is on sale on Steam for the next 24 hrs. This sale is critical for us, as it funds future full time development of Steel Storm 2.”

Up to now, success with the first Steel Storm game has brought a more personal gameplay experience. With advancing the development process to a more than progressive ideal, the team has been working to avoid crowdfunding campaigns, keeping focused on developmental aspects instead.
Now they are bringing the whole experience to a completely new environment. Making the already intriguing content more viable through a progressive landscape.

The Steel Storm 2 update using idTech4:

Personally, I think Kot-in-Action have the right idea. Using their resources to bring an epic title to the mix of an already great arsenal of games. But that does not mean it all stops there.
It would be great to see further fan interaction going on in forum, influencing the further development of Steel Storm 2. Creating a gameplay experience unique to the Steel Storm series.

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