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Fumiko created in Unity3D Linux Editor launches on Steam

fumiko story-driven adventure launches created in Unity3D Linux Editor

So #FumikoGameStudio #released the latest title in Linux #games, launching on Steam, including Mac and Windows PC. Pitting players in the roll of an artificial intelligence named Fumiko. While the character managed to escape the testing grounds, the voices tell the player where to go in the story-driven adventure. A surreal world is unfolding. So everything is unknown in the dystopian network of 2080.

Fumiko will be my first release and has been in development for 3 years. The main reason that it took me so long was that I was working part-time for 2 and a half of these years. I founded this little game studio in July 2016. Fumiko! is developed with the Unity3D Linux Editor. I’m putting a big focus of including as much open source software as possible into the development workflow. A short list of software used is Blender, GIMP, Audacity, FL Studio, Openshot, SimpleScreenRecorder, JACK, VIM, Terminator and Kanboard.

So it’s impressive to see such a game hitting Steam. Hence even more so where the Linux Unity3D editor is being used. While also taking advantage of other familiar open-source software for game development.

Check out the games Linux demo, available on IndieDB.

The games trailer:


  • Your abilities are taking surreal forms over the course of the game as Fumiko is evolving
  • The longest dashs and highest jumps you have ever seen
  • Learn more about this virtual network of the 2080s and explore the lives of its inhabitants
  • Break into threatful security systems in your search for answers
  • Admire the beauty of a hand-crafted low-poly world
  • Day-1 Linux and Windows support
  • Supports the Xbox, Xbox360 and Steam Controller. Other gamepads are detected but might have wrong button & axis mapping. Using software to simulate an xbox controller should work.

Since this is a story-driven single-player adventure game, the player will enter a rabbit hole. Hence the network is preparing to stop you from becoming too powerful. Visit social hubs and protect the people from a threat yet unknown.

So Fumiko presents something different, a unique gameplay style. Now the story-driven adventure is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a nice 25% discount until February 20th.

If you’re looking for more straight up action games, check out Neon Drive and Bleed 2.

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