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#Funtime twin stick action shooter gets a release

#funtime twin stick action shooter gets a release for linux mac windows pc

#Funtime twin stick action shooter gets a release for Linux, Mac and windows PC. Thanks to developer OneGuyGames. Their new shooter is available on Steam with a discount, but coming Humble Store.

#Funtime is a twin stick action shooter featuring bright lights and space fights! So blast your way through grids of multicolored madness. All while changing color to adapt to your environment. And work to overcome the digital hordes. There are also constant ship upgrades to keep you going further and longer into the great unknown.

OneGuyGames singular employee Brandon Robinson describes #Funtime as “all about action. It’s a high-score chasing twin stick shooter with a color swapping mechanic thrown in to keep things fresh. Match the color of lasers or fire to avoid taking damage. Color background tiles to destroy similarly colored enemies. And receive triple the points. Take cover in safe zones of the same color. Each of these simple color interactions stack together. Creating a unique, yet familiar arcade shooter experience.”

#Funtime Announcement Trailer

Since #Funtime is out now around the world. This is also the developers first release and project collaboration with The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. Fast and fun gameplay will certainly have you coming back over and over. Check out the feature list to get


  • 100% Original Soundtrack with beat-synced levels
  • Color swapping mechanics
  • Deep scoring system and persistent upgrades
  • 8 Distinct battle modes
  • Over 50 challenging levels with live leaderboards
  • 25% off for the first week

#Funtime is available right now on Linux, Mac, Windows PC. Plus a special launch week discount of 25% off the $14.99 USD retail price. So if you think you can survive the full spectrum of challenges. Maybe also claim that high score and show your dominance on the leaderboard? Check it out the sale price on Steam with the discount. Which is still coming Humble Store.

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