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Fury Unleashed gun roguelite fully released

fury unleashed gun roguelite game fully released on linux mac windows pc

Fury Unleashed the gun roguelite game now has a full release for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Awesome Games Studio. With reviews coming in at a Very Positive on Humble Store and Steam.

Since Awesome Games Studio are extremely proud to announce the full release. This also means their combo driven run and gun roguelite, Fury Unleashed gets support. Recently released for both Linux and Mac on Steam. While spending over five years of full time development. Including three years in Early Access. The game is now launching in full on Steam.

Therefore, in honor of this occasion, there is a new launch trailer. This also highlights Fury Unleashed’s key strengths. Such as its gameplay enhancing combo system. Original comic book setting and fourth wall breaking storyline. These features along with the amount of polish over the years. While garnering Fury Unleashed a deserved 90% positive rating on Steam by our players. And a bunch of 80-90/100 metacritic ranked reviews already.

Fury Unleashed – the combo-driven roguelite

Fury Unleashed development combines inspiration from modern roguelite platformers. Such as Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy. With wistful memories of old school platformer shooters. such as Contra and Metal Slug. Awesome Games Studio have five years of polishing their creation. Making sure that your experience with the game will be memorable. Hopefully on par with the previously mentioned game with the inspiration of the trailer. And giving you some detail into the gameplay, so you won’t be disappointed.

Last, but not least, Awesome Games Studio wans to offer you something special. An option to play Fury Unleashed with your own face put into the game. So that you can almost literally enter the pages of a comic book. Use this link to request a personalized head image made by the game artist. Who apparently has some free time, since the game is already finished.

Fury Unleashed gun roguelite is available on Humble Store and Steam. Priced at $17.99 USD including a 10% discount until May 12th.

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