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Future Tech Pack to hit Prison Architect

future tech pack game content announced for prison architect on linux mac and windows pc

Future Tech Pack game content announced for Prison Architect on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Once again, all thanks to the work of developer Double Eleven and Introversion Software. Due to make its way onto Steam and GOG.

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven announced Future Tech Pack. Which is also the ninth content update for Prison Architect. This mini-expansion introduces high-tech features for players. All due to managing their compounds and inmates with greater security.

Future Tech Pack adds advancements in inmate monitoring, customization, and structure. So that players can build controllable searchlights and keycard-activated doors. Along with a lot more to upgrade their compounds. Inmates and guards also receive updated uniforms with a more futuristic design. This content is also compatible with Escape Mode. So players can take-on the view of an inmate and put this tech to the test. While offering the goal of escaping the compounds they have created.

Prison Architect: Future Tech Pack – Reveal Trailer

Key Features:

  • Advanced Searchlights
    This technological marvel tracks misbehaving inmates. Equipped with a CCTV camera, a dramatic cone of light, and a siren. Nothing in Future Tech Pack will go unnoticed. The best thing? You can operate the searchlights yourself!
  • New floors, futuristic doors, and keycards
    Squares are a thing of the past – embrace the future with hexagonal and triangular tiles. Thanks to the new shiny keycards that open every futuristic door. So your guards won’t need keys anymore.
  • Structural updates, devices, and robot-dogs
    Say goodbye to concrete walls and welcome Glass. With Glass walls, you can keep an eye on your inmates at all times. If that is not enough they can also wear a Tracking Belt. Follow their locations using the tracking menu, monitors, and routers. If you deem it necessary, there is also an Electrified Fence at your disposal in the Future Tech Pack. Lastly, there is a reworked design of inmates’ and guards’ uniforms, with a more futuristic look. And don’t forget Subwoofer and Byte, the two new robot guard dogs.

Prison Architect: Future Tech Pack new game content launches on November 22th. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to being priced at $2.99 USD / 2.09 GBP / 2.99 EUR. So be sure to Wishlist on both Steam and GOG.

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