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Gabe Newell to be a boss in the dungeon crawler Crawl in next update

Gabe Newell co-founder of #Valve is due to make an appearance a knife-wielding #boss in Crawl. A local multiplayer dungeon crawler currently in Early Access on Steam for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC, with permission of the man himself.

Crawl developer Powerhoof posted an animation of a pixeized Newell as one the game’s bosses. “This has been at the top of my list since the very start,”Barny Cumming wrote in a blog post. The animation got some attention, Super Saiyan Gabe is looking serious. So Cumming asked for permission to put Newell’s likeness in Crawl.


As it turned out, Newell/Valve agreed to the idea of Crawl players going up against Gabe. So Powerhoof tweeted:

Powerhoof plans to put Gabe Newell in Crawl with the game’s next update, which will be available soon.

Crawl is available now on Steam through Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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