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Gaikai brings its cloud gaming to Facebook, launches beta application

Gaikai’s certainly grown leaps and bounds since its early days, and today the cloud gaming firm takes another step by joining the largest social networking platform on the globe. For starters, this first beta of Gaikai’s Facebook application is available to North American / European gamers, offering support for browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Windows, OS X or Linux machines. Gamers who’ve fiddled around with the outfit’s previous betas or Walmart’s Gaikai powered Gamecenter will know the drill: streaming game demos in the frame of your web browser.

Ready to try before you buy? The setup is serving up samples of Saints Row: The Third, Dead Rising 2, Magicka, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, The Witcher 2, Orcs Must Die! and Farming Simulator 2011. Gaikai CEO and co-founder David Perry told us that while the outfit’s current Facebook rigging is still centered around demos, it’s primed to push full titles if and when a publisher requests it. “Our goal is to get games as accessible as movies and music,” he told us “so games get the chance to compete.” Gaikai v1.0 is live on Zuck’s site now, so click the source link below, pop in your Facebook credentials and you should be all set.

source Facebook (Gaikai)

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