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Galactic Crew II space exploration is due to expand

galactic crew ii space exploration is working to expand beyond windows pc to include linux

Galactic Crew II space exploration is working to expand beyond Windows PC to include Linux. Thanks to indie developer Benjamin Rommel Games. Which is due to make it’s way onto Steam Early Access in May.

Galactic Crew II is a roguelike space exploration game. Which also takes inspiration from FTL and the classic XCOM games. Explore a hostile galaxy with your bold crew from its center to the outer reaches of space. Clawing your way up from a nobody to a galactic pioneer through colonization, commerce, and combat.

Galactic Crew II is a game that takes place in a procedurally generated galaxy. However, this galaxy is also full of ruthless criminals, notorious pirates, monsters, miners, and merchants. With nary any credits or crew, you have to acquire goods, mine, and loot. Then build up your spaceship and crew to contend with the harshness of this galaxy. A wrong decision could bring death to you and your crew.

Galactic Crew II Teaser

Galactic Crew II is already due to make its way onto Windows PC. But developer Benjamin Rommel offers hope for a Linux build.

The game engine currently runs only on Windows computer, but I want to expand the engine to make it run on Linux.

This a solid move for Galactic Crew II development. Linux gamers are eager to offer their opinion. On top of this, the original game comes in with 53% Mixed reviews. However, since we are a community that supports indie developers. It would also be beneficial in the 6 to 9 months of Early Access to help shape the game. Due to add multiplayer gaming over first three months of Early Access.
But due note, developer Benjamin Rommel does not want to make promises. Since the game engine being used is his own custom creative. So he cannot positively confirm when support is going to happen. But is offering to give away copies of the game for free.

Galactic Crew II is currently running a successful Closed Alpha phase. Due to be released as Early Access in May 2021. To celebrate the upcoming, release 15,000 copies will be given away for free.

On top of this, all owners of the first game, Galactic Crew, will have access to the current Closed Alpha. As well, receive a free copy of Galactic Crew II once the game is released in May. In addition, another 2,000 players will get keys with beta access through various sites to invite them to play Galactic Crew II. Which is a bold move for an indie game developer.

Want to join the beta phase?

If you want to join the beta phase and receive access long before the official release. Contact Benjamin Rommel directly.

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