Galactic Junk League sandbox building with space combat kicks off Open Beta

galactic junk league sandbox space combat launches open beta

After a short break Pixel Federation returns with the Open Beta for their sandbox builder/space combat multiplayer game, Galactic Junk League. Create your ship using new block sets and test them against other players in new arenas with new battle mechanics and game modes.

galactic junk league sandbox building space combat screenshot 01

Galactic Junk League enters its second run with Open Beta and brings tons of new content, new maps, adjusted game balance, progression model and significantly overhauled visuals. Pirate themed block sets introduce a brand new way to stylize your creations and offer you a chance to toss away any remains of seriousness you ever had when building your ultimate ship. New arenas, on the other hand, represent a new way to experience the true Galactic Junk battle that wasn’t previously possible. Prepare your ships, adjust your strategies and enter the brand new Galactic Junk League. Whether you are a master builder or a pro pilot, your battle starts now!

You can download a PC copy of the game right now for free by going to and creating an account for the Beta. Or if you’d like to help get the game on Steam you can show your support on the Steam Greenlight page, where it’s currently in the Top 5 most popular concepts of the past year.

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Galactic Junk League is being developed by Pixel Federation, a Slovak indie game development studio, and is planned to be released in 2017.

galactic junk league sandbox building space combat screenshot 02


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