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Galactic Wars EX co-op arcade hits Kickstarter

galactic wars ex co-op arcade hits kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

Galactic Wars EX co-op arcade now available on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Volcano Bytes. The crowdfunding campaign is more than 60% funded. With a $3,787 USD funding goal.

Galactic Wars EX a new retro experience for arcade machines lovers. And also classic retro gamers.
In 2017, GALACTIC WARS was created for the game Jam #1GAM. While taking inspiration from “Space Retro Shooter”. Which also pays homage to great genre titles such as Galaga, Defender, Gradius or R-Type.

A “devilish” challenge that made it a real blast on the Pico8 Virtual Retro Console. An extended arcade co-op version in Galactic Wars EX now available in Kickstarter. A new Retro experience for lovers of arcade machines and classic retro gamers.

galactic wars ex co-op arcade hits kickstarter screenshot 01

During the campaign, you can get a digital or physical collector’s edition. Which also includes various extras such as the high definition original chiptune soundtrack. Likewise, this is thanks to BeykerSoft or an exclusive print by the great artist Mr. Dani Diez.
Although surprising, Galactic Wars EX does not have a Kickstarter video. The campaign does have gif’s and a few images. Which also gives a fairly clear idea of what gameplay looks like.

The highlights of the new Galactic Wars EX

  1. Pure gameplay that always pushes you into battle.
  2. Easy to handle, difficult to master … Do you remember?
  3. Always with the aim of achieving the best score and writing your name at the top of the Hall of Fame.
  4. New 16-bit “Pixel Art” design, with higher resolution, with new animations and new sound effects.
  5. Screen resolution in 16:9 format in Galactic Wars EX. With sharp pixel images even on Full HD (1920×1080) and 4K (3840 × 2160) screens
  6. Combat settings inherited from the classics of the genre.
  7. In-game configurable “Bots Options” for even more dynamic combat.
  8. Thirty new phases to fight the invaders in three new areas: Earth’s stratosphere, Outer space and “The bosom of evil”.
  9. New Weapons and “Power-Ups”
  10. Extended battle with the end of phase bosses.
  11. Enjoy with your friends with the option of local cooperative departure. As in the old days, but now on your PC.

Find out more information on the Galactic Wars EX Kickstarter campaign website. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC DRM-Free. There are also no digital store mentioned.

galactic wars ex co-op arcade hits kickstarter screenshot 02

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