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Galaxy of Pen & Paper launches today (Linux)

galaxy of pen & paper launches today in linux mac windows games

After confirming they have enough Tang and dehydrated ice cream to last for the #games entire trip. Since the indie game developer Behold Studios has announced that #GalaxyofPenPaper. Yet the sci-fi-themed follow-up to hit RPG simulation Knights of Pen & Paper, is available now for Linux, Mac, #Windows, iOS, and Android. Hence the tongue-in-cheek “game about a game”. Which is both developed and published by Behold Studios. While challenging players to assemble a crew of intrepid astro-adventurers. Yet we hope for everyone’s sake that they know what they’re doing.

Check out the Galaxy of Pen & Paper trailer here:

Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Created by the original team behind Knights of Pen & PaperGalaxy of Pen & Paper is an RPG simulation game that juxtaposes the world of pen-and-paper RPG’s. While including roleplaying video games. So the new game retaining the retro look and classic turn-based gameplay of its predecessor. But incorporates a sci-fi theme that lets players man spaceships. While exploring planets and battling their way across the stars. Experience all the fun of a pen-and-paper RPG without the lost dice.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper Features:

  • Explore the Galaxy: Gather your party and control both the adventurers and the Game Master as you fight, loot, and laugh your way to space!
  • New Sci-Fi Theme: Experience spaceship battles, stories with multiple decisions, sci-fi classes and races, planet navigation and exploration, while traveling through space and time!
  • Turn-Based Combat: Pick your players, races, and classes, while unlocking new content with your blood, sweat, and dice rolls!
  • Customization: Will your party include a Slayer Simian Savage or a Thinker Green Medtech? Customize everything from battle encounters to the Game Master’s table!

So Galaxy of Pen & Paper now launches on Steam and Humble Store. Which launches with the games Linux, Mac and Windows support.

For more information about Galaxy of Pen & Paper, please visit the official game page or the Facebook page for more updates about the game.

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