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Galaxy Warfighter shoot em up release inbound

galaxy warfighter shoot em up game release inbound on linux mac windows pc

Galaxy Warfighter shoot em up action game due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Qplaze. Due to release completely mayhem on Steam soon.

Publisher JoyBits and Qplaze studio have published the launch trailer. Which also shows off their shoot em up action Galaxy Warfighter. Check out the space shooter’s dynamics. Due to release on April 16th with a nice discount. The action in the game certainly seems to be a lot faster than most shoot em up’s. While hyper fast action gives you a sense of hope.

Galaxy Warfighter Launch Trailer

Galaxy Warfighter is a modern take on the classic shoot em up genre. Players can expect 100 hardcore levels. While gearing up with 8 weapon types, bosses, and complex upgrade system. Along with power-ups as well as 10 enemy types. Since each has its own range of well thought out attack schemes.


  • Well thought-out attack schemes of the enemy;
  • Unique bosses;
  • System of the ship upgrades;
  • Incredible backgrounds;
  • HD Graphics in a retro style.

Galaxy Warfighter takes its roots from the classic games. For a classic style shoot em up genre to conveys the old ideas into something new is rare. Piloting your fighter ship, you have to fight hordes of enemies. Each one with erratic strategies and attack schemes. While keeping the player on point to navigate their attacked. With a solid movement mechanics that is far more responsive.

Well, and if you think that the usual enemies are too easy. Galaxy Warfighter will put you face to face with the ruthless bosses. These will be enemies you do not want to underestimate. The game will also continue to increase in difficulty.

Galaxy Warfighter will be out on April 16th. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The game is going to be available for $6.99 USD, plus a 30% launch week discount. And also previously unannounced, this is the price for the PC release.

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