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Game development event calendar

Posted by Randati

I hav been building a website for listing dame development events for a while now. It’s not finished yet but it’s starting to shape up, so I thought I could show it to you now.

The site has a neat calendar thing that shows all the events I know about. Clicking them shows a bit more information. Annoying time zone conversions are made for you. In addition, it has a feed that reminds you about the events two weeks (or when they are added) before they start.

Since the website is not finished yet, it has some problems and it’s missing features. Daylight saving time is causing troubles in conversions right now, but I’ll fix that later. Please let me know if you find any other bugs. I will add a way to change the time zone because it may not detect it right. Then I’ll need to add tags for events, so you could, for example, get notifications only about competitions in which you could use Python or have a prize.

Currently this is missing a name (just “Compos” now) and I hope you could help with that. Do you have any descriptive name ideas? I can’t buy a domain before I find a good name. And if you are interested in updating the content, contact me.

Click here to enter.

Only events that are available to everyone on the Internet are listed now. In the future, if others are interested, I might add a section for local jams too.

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