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Game development for Linux – Petition for Linux Games

This petition relates to the operating system GNU / Linux and is aimed at all game developers that support only the Windows operating system.

I am one of Linux users, and I want to seriously ask (for all Linux users) game developers (especially those related to major development studios such as Activision, EA, Rockstar Games and everyone else), to with the utmost seriousness carefully, consider the start of the developments for operating system Linux (especially Ubuntu, the most used distribution).

The reason is that your conduct is very unfair. Linux users are not few , and the only reason why Windows still holds near the top is that they are developing for him.

Linux is a much better gaming platform, is more secure, less demanding and very friendly.
You can argue that it is difficult to develop for so many distributions, well, but most Linux users just using Ubuntu.
You can argue that it does not pay, but it is only an illusion, when you begin, you’ll find it.
You can argue that the nobody will buy the games, but this petition will show how many people would have bought it for Linux

Please anyone who:

– Using Linux and want to see better games for Linux

– Using a different system, but would have switched to Linux if there were better games

– Want to indulge Linux users better games, because they deserve it

.. to sign this petition.

Of course, we can play games from Windows using Wine or its frontend, PlayOnLinux, but we do not want to play EVERYTHING this way, because for this we must to steal games, crack it etc. to make it work.

For example that multi-platform develompment is possible can confirm Frictional Games with their amazing game Amnesia: Dark Descent (released for Windows, Linux and Mac) or S2 Games with their Heroes of Newerth etc…

Think of it as a sincere request for all signed, take it with utmost seriousness, because not everyone wants to use Windows.
Thank you for your understanding, I believe it will convince you, that there are no reasons for ignoring Linux.

I really sorry for my English, still is not the best.


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