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Game Development Workshop – Session 2

Mark Aherne Sep 27, 6:21 am

Hi all,

I posted this to the blog, but just in case people don’t read that
regularly, here it is:

Last Wednesday we did the first of four sessions for the Game Development
Workshop at 091 Labs >.

It went very well, covering Unity basics (objects, components, input) and
Game State Management.

If you missed the first Session but would still like to take part it’s not
too late to do so. All project files will be provided on the night and I’ll
answer any questions you may have.

Session two is this Wednesday, at 6pm. We’ll be covering the following

– Adding (dumb) enemies to the game.
– Colliders and detecting collisions.
– Creating a damage system (doing and taking damage).
– Controlling particles (and explosions).
– Adding a scoring system.
– Adding a win/lose condition and associated game states.

Below is a screenshot from the upcoming session build showing the player
ship destroying a frigate.
The resulting explosion is pushing the other frigates away.


– Runs on the 28th Sept, 5th Oct & 12th Oct.
– From 6pm to 10pm.
– At 091 Labs >.
– The workshop costs €20.
– No need to book or pre-pay.

*What You’ll Need*

– A laptop with Unity > installed.
– Experience of a programming language.>

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