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Game of Drones a new soccer multiplayer

game of drones a new soccer multiplayer for linux windows pc

Game of Drones a new soccer multiplayer for Windows PC, has sights on Linux too. Thanks to developer BraveYourself. Due to release on Steam on March 31st.

Short version, soccer or football with drones colliding in Game of Drones. Also designed to be a minimalist mini multiplayer game.
So what can you expect? Want to play soccer with drones in multiplayer? Do you want to take off from the football pitch and take to the skies with your drone? Flank the low gravity ball into the goal with daring kicks?

Well, this the magic behind the gameplay. Game of Drones is being developed by a small Bavarian studio in Munich. Working on the game with some serious dedication. So naturally, I reached out hoping for Linux port. Since development is using Unity 3D.
But, the team has some “Steam related bug fixing at the moment. But we are looking forward to the next steps.”
Therefore, the native port may or may not make it for release. But developers are working on making it happen. Since Rocket League is losing Linux support this month. It’s time for something new and different.

Game of Drones Trailer for Steam

Game of Drones is not a triple-A game with lots of content. This is a small multiplayer title with local and online play. But the idea behind the gameplay is certainly much bigger.


  • Drone soccer mini multiplayer
  • Easy control
  • 1x drone, 1x football arena
  • Low-Gravity ball and good physics of the drone
  • Futuristic design with optical effects
  • Fun in multiplayer for in between with high scores

Gameplay does NOT include:

  • Armed drones
  • Real soccer players
  • Cars (who does that 😉
  • Loot boxes
  • Career mode
  • Huge content (it is a mini game, but with maxi fun)
  • Microtransactions

Game of Drones is a simple multiplayer game. Since you choose between 1 vs 1 online multiplayer and 2 vs 2 online multiplayer. After you start the match, you will be in the drone soccer arena. Where you play in a 3rd person mode with a big low gravity ball. While facing off against your opponent. Gameplay will also let you head bump, dig, ram or volley. Basically using any clever means you can. Working your way to score on the opponent’s goal (either red or blue).
The matches for Game of Drones only go on for 3 minutes. So naturally, the player with the most goals wins. Landing back in the lobby to start a new game.

Inspiration for Game of Drones:

  • Rocket League
  • Fifa / PES
  • TRON
  • Harry Potter’s Quidditch
  • Blobby Volley

Game of Drones the new soccer multiplayer will be priced at EU 3,99 € / GB 2,99 ₤. So not expensive. Due to release on Windows PC, March 31st. Hopefully with enough testing, Linux as well. It’s too early for VR support.

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