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Game Review of McPixel

Having recently come across this review of McPixel on Video Game Nostalgia.
I could not help but repost in the likelihood that anyone who has been considering McPixel, yet seeking an outsiders review, may just appreciate  it.
Hopefully this insight will give you a heads-up in what to expect. For those who do not know, this is the game promoted by PirateBay

Todd B.
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Available on Linux, Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS

If you go to Reddit avidly, you may have heard of McPixel. If not, here’s a little back story. Sos, the developer of the game, found his game on The Pirate Bay. Instead of getting angry he was excited. He then proceeded to post a few keys to redeem the game for free. (You can read about it here – Reddit)

This is what got me interested in the game. I never heard of it until then, so I looked into it to see if it was a game I’d be interested in. To be honest, it didn’t look too appealing at first, but I wanted to try it anyway.


When I first started the game, I was impressed how such simple pixel art could look so good. There wasn’t much shading but you could still tell what everything was. It felt nostalgic and simple. I personally loved it.

The music goes really well with the simple art. It isn’t too complex but it’s still very catchy and fits the mood well. Many large corporation games now will have a huge orchestrated soundtrack, and it sounds nice but it never sticks in your head. With more simple soundtracks (like Super Mario Bros.) it’s bound to get stuck and you’ll catch yourself humming the song later on. McPixel achieves this easily. You also get the soundtrack for free when you buy the game.

The game is a collection of point-and-click mini games with a time limit. You have 20 seconds to save the day in each level. If you fail, there is an explosion and you move onto the next level. Each round had 6 levels so you keep playing until the whole round is beat.


Now, again, I didn’t think I was going to like this game much. I’ll admit it now, I was extremely wrong. I love this game. It’s strangely addictive and funny. You’ll end up saving the day but at the cost of blowing up the only other person in the area by shoving a bomb down his throat. The humor actually plays as sort of a reward too. Newer games reward you with achievement unlocks, this one rewards you with a laugh and the knowledge that if you keep playing, you’ll keep laughing.

I’m honestly very impressed this this game. With 100 levels, free DLC, pixel filters, and more. If you have a sense of humor or just want a small game you can pick up from time to time, I highly recommend it.

Gameplay: 9.8/10

Graphics: 8/10

Audio: 8.7/10

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Source: Video Game Nostalgia

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