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Since we are here to provide viewers with game reviews and a first look at Linux releases through gameplay. While displaying professional looking and a tasty crafted personal flair. All coming from the Linux gaming community.

Linux Game Reviews

Since quite a few online gaming channels do not provide player with an advanced copy of a particular title.
Therefore any first look’s we release. These will be after the initial Linux launch. While we do our best to keep game reviews up to pace.
Since many players read a titles’s rating. Either on the day of release or there after. This also means we are working within a narrow time frame.

Linux Game Consortium is here to help. Giving you first hand game reviews. And a first look from within the community. While allowing the players to write and produce a review. Or a first look from a players view. Enabling a more unique viewpoint. Because everyone has a favourite genre.

Whether you prefer an RPG, roguelike or FPS game reviews. Even if you prefer platformers or adventure games. We got you covered. Unless we get entirely carried away or work out our rage.

While we do present an easy to understand method. There are also Linux terms and features. These are also talked about in game reviews. So by all means reach or comment, we will explain. Whether here or in YouTube gameplay. And we do keep things with an objective.

So what you read here are the essential details. Also insightful opinions and useless musings from the community.