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Black Mesa a first-look at the Linux port and PC gameplay video

black mesa review video on pc linux

Black Mesa


Half Life is a cornerstone of PC gaming.  When it was released back in 1998 it broke sales records, was critically acclaimed, and revolutionised the FPS action genre.  Half Life 2 continued that legacy and the rest is glorious history.

Fast forward to today and Half Life 2 has aged well enough that you can still play and enjoy it without the graphics being so mind numbingly ancient it makes you want to poke your eyes out. The same can’t be said about Half Life 1 though.

Tyranny Review, Obsidian’s latest RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows

tyranny review and video for obsidian's latest rpg on linux, mac and windows

With time and dedication, Obsidian Entertainment have continued to make a name for themselves. Tyranny is their next child born of a labor of love. Even if you have not heard of them before, it’s likely you’ve played one of their RPG’s before. Think Star Wars KOTOR 2, Pillars of Eternity or even Fallout New Vegas.

Slayaway Camp, an 80’s slasher, sliding puzzle game.. Obviously.

Slayaway Camp, an 80's slasher, sliding puzzle gameI had never heard of Blue Wizard Digital before loading ‘Slayaway Camp’ for the first time, but since playing this puzzle game I think I’ll be keeping a close eye on them. The sense of humour within this game is very much in line with my own dark grinning streak of evil. Also, they have one of the best landing pages of any web site that I have ever visited ( But, I digress, lets have a little talk about this interesting slasher movie themed block sliding puzzle game…

SteamWorld Dig Review – Linux, Mac and PC

SteamWorld Dig Game Review for PC, Mac and Linux

SteamWorld Dig is a new #indie release currently available for PC, Mac and Linux via #Steam and also on Nintendo 3DS from Nintendo eShop. The new #game comes from Swedish developer Image & Form and features a unique premise despite its ability to be comparable with a number of other games. Players will constantly mine down to the core of the planet they begin on like Terraria or Minecraft, progressively unlock new items and equipment like Castlevania and talk with a colorful cast of characters like Borderlands. No matter what you call it, SteamWorld Dig is a fun game available at a low price.

FTL: Faster Than Light Review on PC

FTL: Faster Than Light Review (PC/Mac/Linux)

“So what’s this FTL game you guys have been raving about?” I asked my friend, attempting a more gentle phrasing of “what’s this thing you won’t shut up about?”

“You remember that Battlestar Galactica episode called ‘33’?” he said. “Where they have to make a faster-than-light jump every 33 minutes, or else they’ll get blown up by the Cylon fleet?”

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