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Game suggestions from the Steam Winter Sale

new laptop desktop game suggestions for the steam winter sale 2016 linux mac pc

So here are the new laptop, desktop game suggestions #available the Steam Winter Sale. Now that you have Linux installed, what are you going to play? While you now have a gaming powerhouse beast there’s a lot to choose from. Here are a few of our favourite picks.

Game Suggestions

Stardew Valley (Linux, Mac, Windows)

stardew vallye for linux mac pc
Stardew Valley is a farming role-playing game in the tradition of Harvest Moon. Hence some extra polish, careful tuning, and a fresh flirtation with magical realism. So gameplay captures Harvest Moon’s satisfying fantasy of simple, honest work without simply bowing to nostalgia. While making it the perfect way to escape the last days of 2016.

Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam and GOG.

Superhot (Linux, Mac, Windows)

superhot available for linux mac pc
Superhot is a rare thing: a truly original first-person shooter that plays more like a puzzle game. While unlike most shooters, it’s not a game about twitch reflexes or perfect aim. So the premise is based on time moving when your character does. Hence you have to position yourself just right in order to dodge bullets and grab weapons. The low-poly art architecture, weapons. and characters into give the game a distinctive look.

Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam and through the official site.

Firewatch (Linux, Mac, Windows)

firewatch available for linux mac pc
Firewatch puts you in the shoes of a fire lookout who’s drawn into a mystery with his coworker. While set in the Wyoming wilderness, it’s a short, narrative-focused exploration game. Hence the story about ordinary people dealing with loss and bad decisions. Some of which might be made by players themselves.

Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam and GOG.

Quadrilateral Cowboy (Linux, Mac, Windows)

quadrilateral cowboy release on linux mac pc

Quadrilateral Cowboy is the latest project from Blendo Games. Hence the studio behind strategy game Atom Zombie Smasher and the quirky and Thirty Flights of Loving. While gameplay is a retro-futuristic hacking game. Founder Brendon Chung’s distinctive blocky style, along with a series of heists accomplished with computer commands and a crack team of assistants.

Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam and through the official site.

Sunless Sea (Linux, Mac, Windows)

sunless sea available for linux mac pc
Death stalks you constantly in Sunless Sea. Hence a point-and-click game that combines sailing simulation, role-playing elements, roguelike exploration, and an eerie narrative. All of which is set in the same world as its much-loved predecessor, Fallen London. Players game on the roll of a sea captain to explore a constantly changing world to earn money and resolve quests. While travel leaves you at risk of running out of fuel or food. So if your captain dies, you’ll have to start all over with a new one.

Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam and GOG.

So while these new laptop, desktop game suggestions provide some solid gameplay on Linux. Mac and Windows PC’s are supported as well. And all of these titles are available with a significant discount.

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