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Gamedev Beatdown developer seeks your support

gamedev beatdown game developer seeks your support for linux windows pc

Gamedev Beatdown game developer seeks Linux community support beside the Windows PC release. Thanks to feedback from the creative minds at QYJO. Due to release in a couple months on Steam Early Access.

Since Gamedev Beatdown is available on Steam as a free Demo (Windows PC). Which is also a tongue in cheek narrative. A rather interesting game development sim with turn-based combat. Taking the player through events that make the industry very interesting. While touching upon issues that plague the games industry. Which certainly shows some promise. Having played the Windows PC Demo using Proton on Linux. The game runs effortlessly on Linux.

Linux Support:

We are using Unity for the game. And are on pretty much using the latest version 2019.3.

I am personally very much in favor of a Linux version. But we have yet to establish if there is a player base on Linux who is interested in Gamedev Beatdown.

Having said that. One of our alpha testers has been able to get the game (Windows) build running already on Linux already with workarounds. So it is quite exciting for us to see that kind of initiative for our game!

That is certainly true, I have Gamedev Beatdown running on Proton. And really, since the developer seeks community support. Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. And hopefully, show enough interest for a native Linux port. Also worth playing if you have an hour or so to kill. Check out the trailer below.

Gamedev Beatdown Early Access Trailer

The player makes decisions that affect the title they are working on. Along with their colleagues as well. So you end up getting in dialogue about topics. Where other developers even try to steal your ideas. So you battle it out in turn based combat. And as you can probably assume colleagues, don’t usually agree either. Consequently, in Gamedev Beatdown the player has to fight for their decisions. Come out winning, and the team follows your decision. But if you lose, the game might go in a different and unwanted path.

Work your way up from arcade-style titles to full-fledged AAA releases. Once you start your journey as an Indie developer. Move to new studio locations and hire the right people. While you work your way up in the industry. There’s a lot to handle, but you’ve got this. It was your dream, after all.


  • Crunch Management – Manage Employee Happiness and tactical Crunch times for maximized productivity.
    Procedural rogue-lite progression.
  • Exotic Locations – Move to different locations in Gamedev Beatdown. Unlock some unique games to develop.
    Choices and Consequences – Fight over real, real-adjacent, and a few entirely fabricated day-to-day problems developers face.
  • Evolving Mini-games – Play the games you release as mini-games. Each title looks better and unlocks functionality when the player releases it with higher stats.

Gamedev Beatdown is not due to release until April 2020. Which will means Early Access development for about 6 months or so. Coming Windows PC, but with enough community support, Linux. Priced at $14.99 USD /EUR 12,49€ / GBP £11.39.