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Gamefly is Gearing Up To Fund Android and iOS Game Development

Gamefly has some extra cash lying around and in a recent interview with Gamefly’s Editorial Director Garnett Lee on Shacknews Weekend Confirmed Podcast he mentioned that Gamefly is looking to get into mobile game publishing and fund Android and iOs game development.

“We’re going to be doing some pub-funding,” said Gamefly’s editorial director Garnett Lee during the April 6th edition of the Weekend Confirmed podcast.

According to Lee, Gamefly wants to “help good games get made,” and is encouraging Android and iOS developers to contact him for more information.

Recent reports from game industry analysts have questioned whether or not physical media is still a viable strategy for the future, and being replaced by DLC. Gamefly has done well so far with their game rental service, but with mobile gaming they will have a stronger business model should physical media die off.

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