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Games sector to get boost

SINGAPORE: The Media Development Authority (MDA) has said it plans to increase funding for Singapore’s growing games industry.

MDA did not want to reveal the amount but said the money would be used to fund prototype games research.

The global games market is said to be valued at between S$50 billion and S$80 billion.

As a further boost to the industry, the MDA will open a games solution centre next month.

It will be a place for game developers to interact and source for games information.

Industry players said there is huge potential in the sector, with trends moving towards mobile games application on smart phones and tablets.

Games Exchange Alliance president Aroon Tan said: “The big gaming trends we’re going to see is the proliferation of social gaming, obviously.

“One of the things we are excited about is the opportunity that goes from a Facebook game onto iPad game — this kind of trans-gaming going from different screens.”

Singapore is currently hosting the Games Xpo 2011, which has attracted 48 elite gamers from seven countries, competing in the TGX Regional Competition.

The event features more than 30 exhibitors.

Organisers expect to attract some 100,000 visitors to the expo, over the next three days.


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