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Gaming community beats Epic at porting Unreal Engine 4 Linux editor


Epic recently announced at  #GDC2014 that starting with Unreal Engine 4, they will support Linux. A few weeks later they update by saying that their engine is ready for releasing games on Linux, with the slight bump that #developers would still require a Windows machine to #compile the code on as they are still working on the Linux tools. Now, it seems the community has beaten Epic at their own game by porting the Linux tools for Epic’s Unreal Engine even before Epic could manage it.

Epic tweeted about this breakthrough on twitter. The tweet from the official Unreal Engine account reads as follows:

Although the exact level of progress is not exactly final release state yet, the fact that there is a Linux tool for the UE4 even before Epic could manage it is quite encouraging.

According to the above tweet, the engine is at the preliminary stages, but yet it is buildable and runnable. This is encouraging as progress is progress and something is better than not having anything at all and needing the developers to switch to an entirely different platform just to compile the game to run on Linux.

This news might also serve as a good reminder to other players in the field that opening the source actually helps them in the long run. Though it is not completely open-source and needs subscriber access, but opening up the engine code allowed Epic to speed up the process of the development of the tools, which would have taken a lot longer if it was only Epic going at it.

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