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Garbage Crew! co-op is due to test you soon

garbage crew! co-op action roguelike game has a release date for linux steam deck windows pc

Garbage Crew! co-op action roguelike game has a release date for Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Thanks to the innovative minds at developer XEETSH for bringing such a unique and entertaining title to life. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

Imagine stepping into a world where chaos meets fun – that’s Garbage Crew! for you. Developed by XEETSH, a solo creator with a knack for crafting unique games, this title is due to redefine multiplayer action. It’s not just about clearing trash; it’s an adventure for Linux and Steam Deck that tests your skills in ways you wouldn’t expect. And we now have a release date, of December 8th, 2023.

At its core, Garbage Crew! places you in a team responsible for keeping a city clean. Sounds simple, right? But here’s the twist: you’re not just handling waste. Your boss, whose ideas are as wild as they are fickle, also throws in tasks ranging from battling blazes to tending forests. And as if the workload wasn’t enough, you’re always a team member short. Plus, your garbage truck driver is the impatient type – they won’t wait, even if you’re in the midst of a heroic firefight.

But the real kicker? A time-travel mishap sends you spiraling back to medieval times. Suddenly, you’re in a besieged town, and guess what? Your garbage-collecting skills are in high demand. Similar to Unrailed!, but going a step further.

Garbage Crew! Official Trailer

The gameplay is where Garbage Crew! truly shines. It’s a co-op action roguelike that blends coordination, strategy, and adaptability. You and your friends – up to four players – need to work together to tackle randomized levels. These aren’t just any levels; since they are designed to keep you guessing, packed with surprises and challenges that change every time you play. And with two distinct settings, each with its own set of rules and mechanics, boredom is certainly not an option.

You’re not just playing – you’re multitasking. Imagine juggling roles like Waste Collector, Firefighter, and Knight, all in a single session. Each job demands a different skill set, pushing you to adapt and strategize on the fly.

What makes Garbage Crew! stand out is its sheer variety. With over 50 different skins, tons of power-ups, and the ability to tailor levels to your liking, it’s a playground of possibilities. Whether you’re teaming up locally or connecting online via Steam’s Remote Play Together, it’s a game that’s both engaging and accessible.

Due to launch on December 8th, 2023, Garbage Crew! is more than just a co-op action roguelike title. The release offers a test of teamwork, a challenge of adaptability, and a rollercoaster of fun. All rolled into one, that’s coming to Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. For players seeking a unique, laugh-filled adventure that keeps you on your toes. Priced at $18.99 USD / £14.79 / 15.99€ on Steam.

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