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Garbage Crew! launches into co-op action

garbage crew! launches the action couch co-op game with roguelike elements on linux steam deck and windows pc

Garbage Crew! launches the action couch co-op game with roguelike elements on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. A testament to the inventive talent of xeetsh, the developers behind this thrilling adventure. Available on Steam with a discount.

Garbage Crew! is a newly launched action couch co-op packed game that offers a unique and exciting experience, especially when playing with friends. This title, created by a solo developer from Germany under the studio name xeetsh. But also stands out due to its humorous and chaotic nature for Linux and Steam Deck.

The core idea of Garbage Crew! is simple: the launches you into a team responsible for keeping a city clean. Your main job? Picking up and disposing of trash. But here’s the twist: your boss, who seems to have a very creative mind, decides to make your job even more challenging. He gives you extra tasks, like fighting fires and working in the forest. The problem? There are never enough hands on deck, and the driver of your garbage truck is impatient. So he won’t wait for you, not even if you’re in the middle of putting out a huge fire.

Things get even more wild when a gadget your boss was tinkering with sends you back in time to the medieval era. There, you have to deal with garbage collection in a town that’s under siege!

Garbage Crew! Gameplay Trailer TV-Size Launch Trailer

Garbage Crew! is great for playing with friends right next to you on the couch, but you can also launch into teams online. It’s a design that tests how well you can work together while juggling multiple tasks. The gameplay changes every time you play, with levels that are generated randomly. This means you’ll always have a new challenge waiting for you.

You’ll find yourself in two very different worlds. Each with its own set of rules and challenges. As you play, you’ll also face unexpected situations that will require quick thinking and adaptability. And there’s a fun aspect of earning in-game money with each run. This money can be used to get power-ups, making your next attempt at the game even more interesting.

One of the unique things about Garbage Crew! is the variety of roles you can launch into. You might be a Waste Collector one minute and a Firefighter the next. You could even find yourself playing as a Knight! This variety keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The title also offers a lot of customization options. There are over 50 different skins to choose from, so you can really make your character your own. Plus, you can play levels with a specific set of challenges (called a “seed”) or adjust the difficulty to suit your skill level.

Garbage Crew! launches you into the action couch co-op, which is an engaging title that’s great for playing with friends. It’s full of surprises, challenges, and chances to test your multitasking skills. Whether you’re battling fires, collecting trash, or exploring medieval times, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy. Available on Steam, priced at $16.14 USD / £12.31 / 13,59€ with the 15% discount. Along with support for Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC.