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Garbage Day open world sandbox game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Garbage Day, an open world sandbox game for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC, where players are stuck in a perpetual time loop. Of course as an open-world #game you can do whatever you want, within the confines of the game’s world. So go ahead take a shower or go on a murderous rampage to destroy the town and everyone in it. And should you die or the day ends, voila, wake up to find it’s still the same morning as before and everything has returned to normal.


  • Time travel.
  • Open, sandbox, world.
  • Destructible environment.
  • Exploration is rewarded.
  • Walk or drive to work so you can earn some money.
  • Go take a shower.
  • Eat some cereal.
  • Watch your VHS tapes on you VCR.
  • Chat with your neighbors, your actions influence the dialogue choices.
  • Murder innocent people, because you’re stuck in a time loop so don’t worry, they’ll still be alive in the morning.
  • Custom FOV slider,key binding, graphics settings and other cool PC master race stuff.

The game is designed to be interactive, from things like cereal boxes to fill bowls or computers that run Windows 98 for each of the NPC’s. Then watch as your desktop gets the faithful the blue screen of death or go ahead and talk to people in town. Either way, with this level of interactivity no two days will be the same, but that is your choice. Be a good citizen one day, and a lunatic on a rampage the next.


From the Garbage Day  Steam Greenlight page, a point does exist, so players can find their way out of the loop and back to reality. But it all comes down to you.


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