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Gates of Hell action based RTS release

gates of hell action based rts release for linux mac windows pc

Gates of Hell is a historical action based RTS due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So we reached out to developer Barbed Wire Studios. Since the games expected to be coming to Early Access.

Gates of Hell is expecting to bring a historical realism. Doing so in an action based RTS. All based on the powerful GEM2 game engine by Best Way. So we reached out to Barbed Wire Studios. Hoping to get the low down. Since the Steam page at the time only showed Windows support. But that seems to have changed.

We are using an updated GEM2 engine. Early Access is planned for this year. Gates of Hell will run on Linux.

The details for the release date are not stated. The studio does not have a solid date in mind. And also “the EA price is not fixed yet.” Leaving the project to be more of a wait and see. But the gameplay definitely gets the attention. Seeing it’s a pleasure to see Linux, Mac and Windows PC support. And if you also check the system spec’s, they are very reasonable.

What to expect

In Gates of Hell, the player will fight through WW2 battles. This also ranges from the sands of North Africa. All the way to the snow covered peaks of Russia.
From the Early Access stage up until the full release. Expect the action to include the Eastern Front. While the HD content for the game continues to update.
As a player you will also have to use your skills. Assess each situation to defeat his enemy. While completing mission objectives in spite of the odds that will arise. Since the mission could be to snipe out an enemy officer. Even destroy a tank column or fight against human rivals. This also means using your best skills in multiplayer.
For a bit of an early look. Check out the visuals in the dev blog video below.

Gates of Hell devblog (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

While the video is not a full out trailer. This is a reflection of some gameplay. You can also check out the YouTube channel. Since there are a few different videos highlighting various features. Ranging from tank animations and sounds. All the way to voice acting and explosions. It’s worth a look.

Gates of Hell puts you in position to analyse the battle. While using your situational awareness. Such as using the advantages of the nation you are playing. Including the various terrain and the right strategy.
While some players will prefer direct confrontation. If you have the greater firepower. You also might want to choose a coordinated sabotage tactic. Use historical warfare techniques. So you can outsmart and outmanoeuvre the enemy.

One of the features for Gates of Hell that I like. You can shift between RTS and top down third person mode. So you can use a direct control mode. The action based RTS also use a total destruction of landscapes. Reliving the most intense aspects of World War II.

Gates of Hell Features:

  • Singleplayer and multiplayer support, including cooperative missions and PvP gamemodes.
  • Historical battles with overhauled and optimised multiplayer: Versatile & dynamic system to allow year setting option, extensive infantry types, and new vision ranges to create historical and tactical games.
  • Modular Faction/Campaign system
  • Integrated Steamworks in Gates of Hell
  • Includes editor for modding, mission making and sandbox gameplay
  • Highly accurate human models, headgear, and weapons for an ultimate detail standard.
  • Heavily revamped infantry dynamics to allow for intense infantry combat as well as offering historical tools for trench/foxhole/pit/mine building depending on infantry proficiency.
  • Smart terrain withing Gates of Hell. Plus additional aerial and naval flight/sea models. For a range of vehicles.
  • Enhanced graphics and colour palette for unparalleled atmosphere.
  • Astounding audio system with in depth live-recorded sounds, reverbs and echoes

3D Engine and Scenary

  • Overhauled ballistics for each individual weapon to calculate penetration & explosive values for different shell types, including composite rounds; as well as bullet drop and speed: A complete ballistics system.
  • Atmospheric 3D engine in Gates of Hell. Including a smart, optimised AI. With completely animated game objects.
  • Full destructible ground layer and objects. This also includes burning parameters for flammable materials, flora, etc.
  • Realistic damage system for human objects. And also damage/repair system for vehicle components. Since there are no health bars.
  • Mod-friendly engine platform
  • High definition scenery. Including accurate soldier and vehicle models in Gates of Hell. Spectacular FX and detailed landscapes bring the game to life.
  • RTS and Third person top down (direct control) shooter. Compatible gameplay modes for any unit. Including vehicles and human entities.
  • Fully modelled physics, including acceleration due to gravity. Effects on ballistics, collision systems, damage behaviour normalisation for different shells, etc.
  • Over 250 vehicles, more than 100 weapons. And 200 human model types to play with. A bigger roster planned for the full release
  • Complex AI which can assess the battle situation. Unless ordered to hold ground. Which will advance or retreat depending on their morale

Gates of Hell action based RTS coming to Early Access. There is no release date or price yet. But the games definitely coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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