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Gateways coming to Mac and Linux

Gateways coming to Mac and Linux

By now everyone has the 16th of July pencilled in their diary for the release of Gateways on Linux and Mac. Eventually all deadlines for video game releases have to move though. Can you believe we’ve actually decided to move the Gateways release forward? As of tomorrow (the 9th of July) Gateways will be available for Linux and Mac through the Smudged Cat website and Steam. Ultimately it makes perfect sense for a game about time travel to have its release date moved forward. Since I’m so generous there will also be a 50% discount. Even more good news!

Opening the game up to other platforms will be interesting for me. Fifteen thousand people or so have played the game now so it will be fun to see how much that figure changes with the launch of these new versions.

Since the beta release of the Gateways editor about a week ago it’s been interesting to see a few home brew levels appearing. To be honest I’d love to see even more. Eventually I’ll get support for Steam Workshop in there which will hopefully inspire more people to test it out. As work progresses on the editor I’ll keep you posted about any exciting new features. My own new map designed using the editor should be available very soon!

So that’s all for now. As always you can follow me on Twitter or like the Facebook page to hear about any new announcements. Look out for Gateways for Mac and Linux tomorrow. Email if you have any problems!

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