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Gauntlet hack-and-slash action released today on Steam

Nearly 30 years after #Atari introduced us to Gauntlet hack-and-slash action, Arrowhead Game Studios have successfully #revived one of the greatest four-player arcade games in the history of the industry. And it released on Steam today.

Like the 1985 classic, players will be able to choose from a collection of characters that includes the Elf, Valkryie, Warrior and Wizard; collecting gold to purchase better equipment, items and skills as you progress from level to level. Each class will have its own particular strengths and weaknesses, and those interested in playing the game cooperatively will have the option of either local or online multiplayer.

Linux Game News has been made aware of a 25% discount on Gauntlet for all you eager gamers, and it works.  Once you get to checkout, enter the voucher code and proceed, you will save $4.99 USD off the release price of $19.99 USD, and issued a Steam key upon completion. Keep in mind, the Linux/SteamOS build has yet to be released, but it is coming soon.


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