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GearStorm MMO support means community demand

gearstorm mmo game support seeks linux community demand beside windows pc

GearStorm sci-fi survival adventure MMO game seeks community demand for Linux support beside Windows PC. Thanks to the developer Iron City Games. Now available on Steam Early Access with Positive reviews.

GearStorm has an update for their sci-fi sandbox survival game. Since Armored Survival will include an airborne infection model. This also helps to raise awareness of COVID-19 prevention and safety measures.

In the universe of GearStorm, Armored Survival Earth has been devastated. Since the virus is known here as the Phage. While taking place on a distant planet in a phage infested. And also post apocalyptic future. Where players wage war amidst the devastation caused by this virus and the baser natures of humanity.

Therefore, with this support for COVID-19. What better time to reach out for Linux support in GearStorm.

We have some players that have gotten the game to work on Linux using Wine. Of course a real Linux port, especially for the dedicated server. Would be something we can easily do and support if the community demanded it.

Since there are reports that GearStorm runs using Wine. Checking ProtonDB, there are no reports. But this is also an Unreal Engine 4 MMO and online PvP game. Which does explain how Wine can be used. And for Linux, UE4 is a great engine to help ensure smooth gameplay. But if the support is there from the Linux community. We could certainly see a native port.

In GearStorm players harvest resources and craft items. While building their bases and importing colonists. Players will not only have to protect their colonists. Facing off against rampaging beasts marauding bandits and phage monsters. They will now also have to protect them from airborne the spread of infection within the colony.

GearStorm Trailer Nov 2019

In GearStorm, skilled Exomarines can team up with other players. Take on the multiplayer campaign or create their own quests. Such as writing dialogue, defining objectives, and placing mission markers. While using the built-in “Gamemaster” mode and in-game quest creation system. Server admins can spawn anything, teleport anyone (including themselves). They can also build without limits and fly. And as a result, alter any stat of any weapon or vehicle in real time. In an industry first, players can create their very own campaigns. While using a fully customizable server for epic multiplayer sessions among friends.

Also, another note about COVID-19 prevention. Iron City Games are donating all April 2020 proceeds from the sale of GearStorm. Armored Survival to the UAB Coronavirus Response Support Fund. To help continue research and treatment of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.

GearStorm is available on Steam Early Access for Windows PC only. The sci-fi survival adventure MMO is priced at $11.99 USD. And with enough support, a Linux port as well. So be sure to Wishlist on Steam.