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Geek Mafia author seeks Kickstarter funding to prototype indie games

Rick Dakan, author of the brilliant Geek Mafia books, sez, “Mob Rules Games is a small, indie-startup founded on the core idea that we should develop both the game and the community of players at the same time, and that the two should work together as much as possible. We have three well-planned and exciting designs for a PC, Mac, Linux, and Ipad game: a head-to-head haunted house game, a strategy game about gorilla rebels fighting The Man, and an action-puzzle game about a hero who can stop time. Everyone who pledges support to this project will get votes in proportion to their generosity. These votes will be good for the life of our company, not just for this first game. We’re asking for $20,000 to build a prototype version of whichever game the voters choose. Once the prototype is complete and released to all the voters, we’ll hold a second fundraiser to fund the complete game.”

(Thanks, Rick!)

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