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GeneticInvasion : a brand new Tower Defence

Hi! I’m here to show you a new game that I’m working on: GeneticInvasion

It’s Tower Defence game, but it has something special: it uses evolutionary algorithms.
The idea of evolutionary algorithm is to use darwin theory to solve problems:

We generate random solution to the problem.
We evaluate them.
We take some of the better ones, apply random mutations to them, and generate an offspring from them.
The child replaces their parents in the solution population to form a new generation.
And we do this, again and again, until we find a solution that is good enough.

Well, in GeneticInvasion, the problem, is you. So enemies evolve in order to crush you.

We used a real evolutionary computation library called EO to make this game. The library is being used for many serious projects.

So, you heard me, an army of colorful enemies are trying to eliminate you, don’t just sit here, fight!

Some notes:

– For the first time since we began to develop it, the game is now interesting to play. That means that it’s neither too easy nor too hard to play.
– I also added 3 levels that are supposed to be sorted by difficulty.
– There is a medal system, so you can try to get gold on all 3 of them. (I failed to get the gold medal on the third one through :P)
– There are no binaries, if someone is feeling like doing some, please contact me.
– The game is theoretically compatible with at least GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS but has only been tested on GNU/Linux. You’ll need SFML, EO and Glu to build it.
– Please send us your remarks and comments.!

Also, I’d like to thanks OpenGameArt and the artists that contribute it, without them our game would probably had hand-drawing art, and we suck at it. (Also many thanks to ozzed who did the music on Jamendo)

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