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Genfanad MMORPG to get upgrades

genfanad mixed mode mmorpg game to see upgrades making its way onto linux mac windows pc

Genfanad mixed mode MMORPG game to get upgrades as it makes its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is the result of further details from developer Rose Tinted Games. Which is coming to Steam this spring.

In a new blog post, Rose Tinted Games, indie game developer of Genfanad, is now aiming to improve the current state of the game. Doing so by adding many upgrades and deeper gameplay systems.

After its release in September 2022, Genfanad has garnered a surge of interest. While spiking to hundreds of players playing at once with multiple streamers covering the game. Feedback was mixed, with players attracted by the retro gameplay and the humorous ton. While at the same time put off by overly grindy mechanics. Also, the lack of a solid core gameplay experience.

As a result, the Genfanad developers plan to enhance the experience in 2023. While bringing in various new systems for exploring. Enabling players to join the absurd CLicHe corp. to compete for rewards, and more.

Genfanad | Gameplay Trailer

Genfanad players will later be able to join one of CLicHe’s departments. Then over time compete against one another seasonally for rewards. As the player climb through the ranks, which also expands as players advance in the game. Then they will have access to exclusive quests, greater rewards, and unique shops.

They also emphasize a few changes to the combat, cooking, and magic systems. These are already in the game and further mention that they will be taking a pass at all released quests. Making sure each of them has an interesting and relevant reward.

Rose Tinted Games plans to roll out these upgrades a few months into 2023. Genfanad is a mixed mode MMORPG game coming to Steam on March 31, 2023. Due to offer support for Linux, Mac, and Window PC. But should you want to play now, you can do so for Free via web browser on the official website.

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