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Genokids co-op hack and slash due for support

genokids co-op hack and slash kickstarter due for support in linux gaming mac windows pc

Genokids co-op hack and slash Kickstarter due for support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the two person development of Nukefist. Which is 67% funded with 3 days left before the crowdfunding campaign ends.

Genokids co-op hack and slash has a pledge goal of €30,000 ($35,577 USD). Which is a game about MOTIVATION. Also, a fast paced co-op hack and slash where a band of musicians take down an alien invasion!

Inspired by games like Kingdom Hearts or Devil May Cry. Genokids is a game about flashy, over the top action where player expression is highly encouraged. While you arm yourself with the power of motivation. And take what seems to be impossible.

Here’s what Nukefist have to say about Linux support:

You should expect both a Linux and a Mac Port. We are using Unity and right now only a few issues stand in the way of doing such ports. In the case of Linux, we can port to it and test it…

Since the game is using Unity 3D for development. This should make porting easier. Even though support is not listed on the Steam page. It’s a pleasure to know that Nukefist already has plans for a port. Hopefully, the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Genokids Kickstarter Trailer

Playing as one of the four characters is great. But all of them playing at the same time is even better. Genokids lets you take on the entire campaign with your friends. Doing so in split screen co-op as you blast your way through the levels. While trying to one-up each other’s style!

If you want to try out the Demo for Windows PC, the game is playable via Wine.

At the end of the Genokids level, the entire band will recieve a rank. Which is based on their performance. With the MVP of the match due to receive extra Ego. Letting players replay a level as much as you want to get S ranks.


  • Play as one of the 4 protagonists, each with their own unique moveset!
  • Unlock powerful abilities and combine them to create your own playstyle!
  • Play the campaign alone or up to 4 player splitscreen!
  • Follow the hilarious story of Genokids. As this band of misfits makes the impossible, possible.

Creating full fledged anime-like animation is extremely expensive. But Nukefist does not want to miss out on the flexibility that 2D graphics can allow. So for cutscenes they are opting for a motion comic approach. With Genokids having very limited animation.
As a result, the dev team are only outsourcing content they cannot make themselves. Such as the audio, sfx, music, etc. It’ll also cover our hardware upgrades as well as software licenses.

Genokids co-op hack and slash is doing well on Kickstarter. But still needs your support for the crowdfunding campaign. Due to release in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC in November 2022.

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