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Geoid physics based platform now on Steam

geoid physics based platform now on steam linux mac windows gaming 2017

Since Geoid is a modern, stylish take on old-school 3D #platformers of #2017. Currently available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows #gaming. Which also captures our interests. Since this is more of a casual platformer. Where players roll and jump their way through unique hazards. Due to the interesting mechanics used to collect all the golden triangles and silver hexagons.
Therefore, this is the result of about four years of solo development.

Geoid Features:

  • A single-player campaign with over 40 levels
  • Every level has its own unique art style and color palette
  • Slow time and control gravity with unique powerups
  • Timed challenge gaming mode with local and global leaderboards
  • Punishing nightmare mode if you want a real challenge!
  • Take your time and play without timers if you prefer a more laid-back experience
  • Play with your friends in 2, 3, or 4 player split-screen competitive coop
  • Over 25 unlockable ball styles

So Geoid is inspired by games like Marble Blast. While everyone probably has some memory of playing Marble Blast Gold. Yet Marble Blast Ultra on the 360 was a surprisingly good party game. Therefore, due to the Marble Blast series being stuck in some kind of intellectual property quagmire. So the game has not been available for sale anywhere since 2011.

So in 2013, Zen Relay Games decided to fix this situation. While setting out to create a rolling ball game that’s different. Yet instead, the power-ups change the flow of time. Even letting the player select a new, arbitrary gravity direction by touching an angled surface. While most importantly, Geoid is a game that was infinitely moddable. Particularly for player-designed levels, but also for player-designed new game mechanics.

Geoid the physics based platformer is available now on Steam. The release supports Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a 20% discount until June 23rd, 2017.

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