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Gerty roguelite action gets a full release

gerty roguelite action gets a full release on linux mac windows pc

Gerty roguelite action gets a full release for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Spawn Point OSK’s work in Early Access. Now available on both Humble Store, Steam and (with a Steam key).

Gerty is an action packed roguelite game. Now leaving early access with a brand new game mode. So that fans of top-down shooters will appreciate the launch. While the full version of Gerty is now released. And to celebrate this occasion. The game also has a totally new, previously unannounced game mode.

Gerty Steam Demo Trailer

“Once again, we have listened to the feedback. And created the Rogue Mode,” explains the project lead Risto Ihalainen. “By randomizing certain in-game elements during a run. The Rogue mode offers more varied and exciting gameplay experience.”

“Creating Gerty has been a herculean effort for our tiny team. And going the extra mile and creating the Rogue Mode. This is our way of thanking all our fans and supporters for having faith in us,” Risto adds.

Gerty is a top down roguelite twin-stick shooter. Which also includes a fully destructible environment. Carve your own path through replayable procedurally generated levels. And as a result, create tactical and advantageous situations. While you work to eliminate the alien threat in intense. This is also tough but fair, action packed gameplay.
For that reason, be sure to Mine Juice crystals to upgrade your gear. Discover alien structures. You will probably want to destroy the source of the alien threat. Doing so in either Gerty singleplayer or local co-op mode. Maybe even Steam Remote Play Together?


  • 14 stages of challenging gameplay
    • 10 procedurally generated stages to explore
    • Two tough mini-boss stages to beat
    • Two challenging World Bosses to conquer
  • Fully destructible environments
  • Local co-op up to 4 players in Gerty
  • 40 items to boost your character with
  • 40+ unique enemies to fight
  • 4 playable characters with different skill sets
  • 70+ Perks across all playable characters
  • Five difficulty levels
  • 25 Gerty Achievements to unlock
  • Full controller support with rebindable controls

So spice up your holidays. Join the fight against the alien menace. Since Gerty supports 2-4 player local co-op. Also playable via Steam Remote Play Together. Priced at $14.99 USD.
Therefore, be sure to check out Gerty via Humble Store, Steam and (with a Steam key). Which also includes support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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