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Gerty top down shooter release date

gerty top down shooter release date for linux mac windows

Gerty top-down shooter has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. So on December 3rd, Finnish game studio Spawn Point will launch Gerty on Steam, Humble Store or Itch.

So if you do not know Gerty, the games a unique combination of roguelite elements. And of course a top-down shooter action that will throw players into a survival battle against aliens.
Therefore after thousands of hours of development, Gerty has a release date on Steam Early Access and Humble Store on Monday, December 3rd, at 11 am EST.

The game takes place on a planet Gerty I, where mining operations stop due to an alien attack. Therefore the player, armed to the teeth, must fight back the alien invasion pouring out from the depths of the mines. And also find the source of the threat.

Gerty Early Access Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

You can challenge aliens in several ways. Players can go fast along tunnel paths but may risk themselves to a sudden surprise just around the corner. Another way is to carve or blast through rock to create different paths in the fully destructible environment. Players can also engage in a tactical squad play in up to four players local co-op. Another factor is the player’s chosen character. In early access release, Gerty presents four distinct characters each with their own playstyle and unique skills. The player can further customize their gameplay with perks and purchasable gear. The mines hold pockets of valuable Juice crystals, which players can gather and convert into items and upgrades. Since this means the difference between life and death.

“Based on the feedback of many different people, I am happy that we have managed to create a solid and engaging core experience for our early access release” says the project lead Risto Ihalainen. “During early access, we plan to add more awesome content to the game.”

While many players might choose to explore the infested mines with a keyboard and a mouse. Gerty is perfectly suited for controller setups as well.
The game has full controller support.

Gerty’s Early Access standard price is $16.99 (14.99€, £13.49, ₽399, ¥1,730, CDN$19.49, A$23.95) and there’s a 10% release discount at launch. Which will be available on Steam, Humble Store or Itch

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