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Gerty twin stick shooter now content complete

gerty twin stick shooter game now content complete for linux mac windows pc

Gerty twin stick shooter game is now now content complete for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Spawn Point. Which is available on Steam Early Access. But discounted on Humble Store.

The wait is over for Gerty. The August 30th update brings the game to ‘content complete’ status. For the action packed, rogue-lite, twin-stick shooter. So now it’s up to you to survive the deadly alien invasion.

Gerty is finally fully playable from start to finish. World 2 and the Final Boss are ready to challenge you. But are you a bad enough dude to beat them? While you’re at it, tell us what you think over at the Discussions or leave a review on the [Steam] Store page.

Gerty Early Access Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

For the first time players can now battle through all fourteen levels. Likewise, they are procedurally generated stages. So you can expect fully destructible environments. While fighting dozens of enemy types in Gerty. Two tough mini-bosses and two devastating World Bosses. Maybe reach the heroic or bitter end that awaits them.
To help them in their quest, there are more than 70 Perks. These are available across four unique playable characters. With 40 items to boost your character’s abilities further.

“We are excited to reach this important milestone,” says Risto Ihalainen, the project lead of Gerty. “There were some inevitable delays during the summer development cycle. But such is life when you have a tiny team,” he continues. “We are very proud of the end result. And can’t wait for the gamers’ reaction to the finished Second World and the final boss fight.”

Also, to celebrate this hefty update. Gerty is available at a 25% discount at Humble Store until September 12th. The game sees a slight price drop in Steam to $14.99 USD / 13,49€. There is no better time to get the game than now. Since the games playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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