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Get Ridiculous with Humble Mobile Bundle 3

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 launched a couple of days ago, boasting an approximate ton of high-profile Android games, including the previously announced #Android debut of Vlambeer’s #RidiculousFishing.

Touch Foo’s side-scrolling #action-RPG Swordigo also makes its first appearance on Android as part of Humble Bundle’s latest offering. Bundle buyers will receive downloadable copies of Uppercut Games’ post-apocalyptic robot battler Epoch, Zach Gage’s word puzzler SpellTower, Grapefrukt Games’ isometric strategy gameRymdkapsel, and Swordigo. Beat the average purchase price (currently $3.75) and you’ll also receive Ridiculous Fishing and Ironhide Games’ tower defense game Kingdom Rush.

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 will remain available through November 26.

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