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Ghost Song closes Kickstarter campaign

The Kickstarter for PC, Mac and Linux game Ghost Song concluded with $54,007 of a $15,000 goal, and creator Matt White is now clear to begin working on the game in earnest with his programming partner, Roger Hicks. Ghost Song is a Metroid-inspired adventure that takes place on Lorian V, a planet filled with the corpses of many explorers, and its moon haunted by their ghosts. Players roam Lorian V, destroying the lingering bodies to free their souls, and discovering more about the planet’s mysterious history.

Ghost Song hit three stretch goals along its campaign: hardcore mode, an enhanced pet system and overtime mode, a brief campaign after the credits in another character’s shoes (and space suit). There was a stretch goal at $60,000 that promised a Wii U version of Ghost Song, and White said he still wanted to see that happen.

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“To those who may be lamenting about the Wii U goal – I’m working to make this happen anyway,” White wrote. “That’s not official, but it’s a desire of mine and I hope to have that out at some point, if not at release, then following release.”

White and Hicks are in charge of the entire game, including design, art, programming and audio, and there’s no release date yet. PayPal donations for Ghost Song are still open, complete with reward tiers.

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