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GIGABUSTER platformer on Kickstarter – Demo

gigabuster platformer on kickstarter with demo in linux mac windows pc games

GIGABUSTER the new action platformer games on Kicsktarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a Demo. Thanks to the creative efforts of GIGAWALLER. The games going to launching on Steam. The crowdfunding campaign is already 145% funded. With 15 days to go.

GIGABUSTER gets you in and out of the action as fast as possible. Since all dialogue and cinematics are skippable. This also includes the intro stage for repeat playthrough’s.
You start the game with an array of abilities. So expect things airdash, double jump and auto-charging. This movement will also let you toss yourself around each level. Doing so as fast as you like. While upgrades expand those basic abilities further.

You can take it for a spin, try out the Demo version. Playable in your browser. Also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

GIGABUSTER Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • 9 companies to break into, delivered in sets of 3 that you can tackle in any order, including a hub world linking them all together.
  • A lot of movement options in GIGABUSTER. Both classic and new. Dashing, dash jumping, wall jumping, dash wall jumping. Along with a grappling hook, free climbing fences, grabbing ceilings, dive kicking, rail grinding, and more!
  • Special abilities that are either tied to button combinations. Or have their own dedicated buttons.
  • A combo meter to shoot big lasers, dash through enemies, and overall look very cool with.
  • Shop for upgrades and find armor that displays visually, including heroic scarves and very red neckties.
  • Cool weapons like baseball bats and halberds.
  • Lots of powerups and exploring in GIGABUSTER!
  • A colorful cast of very normal well adjusted everyday CEO’s to argue with.

GIGAWALLER is a big fan of the speed and ease of access. Such as the Megaman X titles combat of the Zero games. Plus the quick and digestible structure of both. Wishing there was a happy medium between the two.
So we have a creation that merges these favourite aspects together. While making a platformer game that scratches the developers itch. And hopefully GIGABUSTER does the same for your likes. Which reminds me of games like Shank.

GIGABUSTER is developed with the Construct 2 engine. And also due to release August 2019. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Check out the Kickstarter and get your pledge in.

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