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Gigapocalypse giant monster action due for a port

gigapocalypse giant monster action games due for a port on linux and windows pc

Gigapocalypse giant monster action games due for a port on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Goody Gameworks. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access next month.

Headup just announced the Windows PC Early Access release date. Getting the 2D pixel art carnage game Gigapocalypse ready for debut. On July 22nd, those with a hearty appetite for ruin can gorge themselves. Since this is due to be the biggest monster mashup of the year.
While this is good news, it looks like developer Goody Gameworks will be working on Linux support.

Currently, I don’t have any Linux working station, but I’m looking forward to it, if it is possible.

Then offering a further comment:

Looking forward to have the game in Linux.

You can see the Discussion posts via Steam. This is good news for native support, but it does not include a release date. Since Gigapocalypse is due to debut in Early Access. It’s likely we will support something after the initial release. Unless of course, Goody Gameworks manages to get a Linux PC up and running.

Gigapocalypse – Announcement Trailer

Deepened by pumping heavy metal songs. Players will control giant Kaijū inspired monsters. You know, the so-called “Gigas”. Sot they can leave a pixelated trail of ruin in their wake. As the Giga evolves, players will unlock powerful mutations, skills, and skins. Gigapocalypse even offers the ability to spawn up to five evil minions. Due to accompany the Giga on their journey of mass ruin. Releasing its destructive power on innocent cities. As they come face to face with fearsome bosses at the end of each level.

Take care of the Gigas with Tamagotchi style mini games. Outfit your “home” to unlock more upgrades. Make them even more menacing. The full Gigapocalypse game will feature six stunning pixel style locales. They are also based on earth’s past, present, and future time line. As well as nine distinct Gigas to bring on the monster apocalypse.

Features Include:

  • Nine Gigas with unique abilities and skill trees
  • Six beautifully detailed stages based on earth’s past, present, and future
  • Themed enemies and buildings
  • Epic and hilarious Gigapocalypse boss fights
  • Unlockable minions, skills, and mutations
  • Extra quests and secrets to unlock more abilities for your monsters
  • Fast paced arcade action with simple controls
  • Satisfying visual ruin in cute pixel art style
  • A heavy metal soundtrack to perfectly complement the chaos
  • Razer Chroma support

If this tickles your retro feelings, try Gigapocalypse’s Steam demo via Proton 6.3-5. Linux users may experience varying success. The games due to arrive on July 22nd. But you can Wishlist the game on Steam.

Also, check out the giant monster action’s Twitter page and feel free to discuss with the developers on Discord.

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