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GINSHA epic pixel adventure to hit Linux

ginsha pixelart action adventure platformer game heading to linux and windows pc

GINSHA pixelart action adventure platformer game heading to Linux and Windows PC. A big shout-out to Adrian Zingg of PolarityFlow for giving us more details about this epic adventure. Which is due to make its way onto Steam next month.

Adrian Zingg of PolarityFlow is a recognizable indie game creator. Best known for both Cyber Complex and Steel Rain on Linux. Now working on epic adventure, GINSHA, which is due to release on August 24th, 2023. Due to launch on Windows PC.

For Linux players, like Adrian himself, he’s aiming to have a native version ready on launch day. Stating:

I’m a Linux fan myself and I plan to create a GINSHA port for Linux as I did for most of my previous released games.
I will try my best to have a Linux version ready at launch on 24th August

Now, what’s GINSHA all about? It’s due to be the ultimate blend of all our favorite game types. Including the best platformers, role-playing games, and crafting all mashed together with a sprinkling of Souls-like difficulty. due to play like nothing else, especially in the style of a Metroidvania.

GINSHA pixelart action adventure platformer throws you into this vast, interconnected universe full of secrets and loot. Although it’s not just about collecting gear; there are serious obstacles and enemy types. Including mega boss battles.

Your GINSHA character is a Clone that you can level up, equip with cool gear, and customize. You’ll also be crafting your own companion drones and the more you progress, the more options and possibilities open up for you. You’ll get to choose your own combat style with lots of different weapon types and special abilities like dashing and gravity shielding.

GINSHA – Gameplay Trailer

The GINSHA combat is intense and fast-paced. You’ll have to fight off hordes of enemies on land, air, underwater, and even in space. Doing across hundreds of diverse settings. Since every decision you make, every quick reaction can change your setting and the course of the story. Giving you various endings and creating allies or enemies on your journey.

GINSHA takes you to six different planets where you have to find your own way to save your species. You’ll have a scanner to help you along your journey, and the information you gather will help you unlock upgrades to craft advanced gear. Once you’ve unlocked the betaverse, you’ll even use this data to build your own worlds.

And that’s not all, player also choose their own path in the Alien Couple Story. Will you choose to be the hero or the villain? It’s entirely up to you. Alternatively, you can play as the alien duo, Gin and Gon. Due to uncover the secrets of a dying planet in a far future.

GINSHA is not just a pixelart action adventure platformer. Players are due to uncover endless secrets and infinite replayability. It’s all about exploration, decisions, and mastering combat. GINSHA has some of the most unique features and mechanics, making it an experience like no other. So be sure to Wishlist it on Steam.

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