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Gladiabots robot combat strategy release date

gladiabots robot combat strategy release date in linux mac windows pc games

Gladiabots robot combat strategy games release date is coming up for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to french solo developer GFX47. Even in Early Access the games still holding a 94% Very Positive.

Gladiabots will launch the robot combat strategy on May 22nd, 2019. So players can still continue to construct the AI of their robot squad. Then send them into the battle arena. So they can outsmart their opponents.

The launch of Gladiabots follows 9 months Early Access. This also includes new game modes. Plus hundreds of new missions. A new soundtrack and language support. Including 10 new languages and much more.

Gladiabots Release Date Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Assemble your perfect team of robots. Create their AI strategy using the simple to use editor in Gladiabots. Which is also a rather satisfyingly deep visual AI editor. Decide when your units should attack. While gather resources, support each other. Then retreat depending on their health.
Keep their distance, close in, save their shield. Then react to the circumstances on the battlefield. So make sure to improve, refine and repeat. Until you outsmart all your opponents and friends online. Gladiabots gameplay is just that straight forward.

Features added since Early Access started

  • 2 new game modes (3 in total now). Elimination (8 vs 8, kill them all). And Domination (6 vs 6, capture and hold strategic points on the map)
  • 200 new solo missions
  • Cross platform multiplayer. Compete against players of both the Steam and mobile versions. What ever platform you choose to play on
  • Campaign leaderboards
  • Translation by the community in 10 languages
  • New AI options in Gladiabots
  • Also new cosmetic customization system
  • Tons of improvements on the AI editor
  • Tons of improvements on the matchmaking
  • Shared account – seamlessly switch between Steam and mobile. With one account and share your progress across both platforms
  • New OST by Corentin Brasart

Since Gladiabots is available on Early Access or Itch. Priced at $14.99 USD. Which has some great reviews. Plus it also supports Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Launching on May 22nd.

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