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Gladiator Guild Manager battle sim due to get a port

gladiator guild manager battle sim game is due to get a port for linux with mac and windows pc

Gladiator Guild Manager battle sim game is due to get a port for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to details with the efforts of developer Entertainment Forge. Working to make its way onto Steam Early Access.

Gladiator Guild Manager is a battle sim. Gameplay will have you manage your own guild of Gladiators, all in an epic fantasy world. Build and run your own guild, so you can hire and train gladiators. Then develop unique tactics, manage resources, while you compete for the rank in the arena. On top of that, the prologue is still available on Steam. Currently, 95% positive based on almost 1400 reviews.

Since the Kickstarter campaign, there are no further details about Linux support. The Steam page only shows Mac and Windows PC. So where are things at?

On [October] 13th we release the Early Access version. We might not have Linux version available until the full release.

Gladiator Guild Manager is due to make its debut next month. Since it looks like there is a good chance we will have to wait until the full release. That is according to the email reply. With Early Access due to run for “at least a year after the release.”

So it looks like we might not see a Linux port for the Unity 3D game. But, since the Prologue runs well via Proton, it looks like this might be the workaround. Test it out for yourself, it’s free.

Gladiator Guild Manager – Trailer

Gladiator Guild Manager battle sim game is about building your guild. Then buying, developing, and equipping units. All to figure out tactics in different arenas against various opponents. Since its your task to become the most powerful gladiator guild in this epic fantasy world.


  • Each gladiator has Strengths, Weaknesses, Unique Behaviours, and Abilities.
  • Each battle let’s you choose a team of several units. Figure out best combinations that compliment each other as well as counter the Gladiator Guild Manager enemy team.
  • The direction you choose to Build Your Own Guild will determine the outcome. Such as which warriors, beasts, or mages you can hire. As well as their perks.
  • Dynamic Market with new gladiators and items arriving every day. It’s up to you to find the best deals.
  • Level them up, equip them with the finest items and make unique team combinations.
  • Combine and Craft Items in Gladiator Guild Manager. Use items to make up for your fighter’s weaknesses. Or boost their strengths even more.
  • Meet all the challenges and conquer all the arenas in this epic fantasy world.

Gladiator Guild Manager battle sim game is due to release on October 13th on Steam Early Access. But it looks like the release date will only include Mac and Windows PC. Whereas a Linux port is expecting to arrive closer to the full release.

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