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Gladiator Guild Manager new strategy seeks funding

gladiator guild manager new strategy seeks kickstarter funding for linux mac windows pc

Gladiator Guild Manager new strategy simulation seeks Kickstarter funding for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Entertainment Forge. Opening up their crowdfunding campaign. And due to release on Early Access in October 2020.

Gladiator Guild Manager is a brand new strategy simulation game. Where you build and run your own guild. You also have to hire and train gladiators and develop unique tactics. All while managing resources and competing for rank in the arena.

Even though Gladiator Guild Manager is only a singleplayer game. Entertainment Forge offers something extra, Twitch mode. So that the audience can make their own teams through chat and fight each other. The developer is also planning to develop several other Twitch modes. Such as Streamer VS Viewers, Battle Royale, and King of the Hill.

Now that you have the general idea of what you can expect. Now it’s time to discuss Linux support. Yes, it is planned. But not initially.

Early Access will be released on Steam for Windows and Mac. The planned date is October 2020.

Gladiator Guild Manager full release will be available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With Windows And Mac versions being released first. The planned date for full release is 3rd Quarter of 2021

Since this may deter some people from pledging their support. The developers are doing what most do. Keeping platform support centralized to speed up development. Confirming a full release in the 3rd Quarter of 2021, including Linux. Its also stated right in the Kickstarter campaign.

Gladiator Guild Manager Kickstarter Trailer


  • The direction you choose to Build Your Own Guild. This will determine which warriors, beasts, or mages you can hire. As well as their perks.
  • New gladiators and items come to the Market each week. It’s up to you to avoid bad deals and find the hidden gems.
  • Hire gladiators, train them, equip them with the finest items. All in order to prepare for the Gladiator Championship Tournament Which only takes place once a year. That will be your chance to fight other teams in Gladiator Guild Manager. So you can gain the highest rank. Rise into the next league. And earn gold and rewards by doing so.
  • Each gladiator has Strengths, Weaknesses, Unique Behaviors, and Abilities.
  • While preparing for the championship. Conquer the Regions of Dark Mines and the Foul Woods. While you gather valuable resources to build your guild.
  • Choose what Quests or Affairs you want to engage with. And which to stay away from as a Gladiator Guild Manager. Those are great ways to earn some good coin, but can also lead to making either alliances or enemies.
  • Maintain a good Reputation With Local Factions, as they will help you specialize when building your own guild, bringing unique trade offers and helping you in dire circumstances.
  • Craft Items for your gladiators with materials you gather while conquering regions, completing quests and more.

Developer Entertainment Forge is made of up two dev’s. Along with the help of a few freelancers. They have been working to create Gladiator Guild Manager for the past 14 months. So a significant portion of the new strategy game is already together. But they are now releasing the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and ask you to help them finish the game.

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