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Glare shines a light on Platformers for Linux, Mac, and PC

glare shines a light on platformers for linux mac and pc

The independent co-developer behind the highly successful mobile game DragonVale Phobic Studio (Android, iOS), announced today that it is working on an action platformer for Windows PC, Mac and Linux called Glare.

The platformer, which will be shown for the first time at PAX Prime in Seattle later this month, offers a twist on traditional platforming games through the use of light as a defense mechanism. In Glare, players take on the role of The Shiner, a being of light sent to heal the sun from an evil threat. Like most action platformers, players will be able to run and jump and attack enemies straight-on, but they’ll also be able to defend using light.

“In most games, when you aim and fire a weapon, that’s about the extend of the combat,” said Phobic Studio’s creative director and co-founder, Brian Powers. “We have incorporated a mechanic in addition to the offensive mechanic that allows the player to decide if they want to push enemies away and then defeat them, or move them into hazards that are in the evironment and try to clear the area that way.

“It’s an offense/defense type of balance, and it really gives the game a flow that I haven’t seen in a lot of action platformers.”

Using the light, players will be able to create space for themselves. If an enemy is in the way, players can choose to attack it or to push it back using light, which then gives them a small amount of time to decide what they want to do next.

Glare is coming to Windows PC, Mac and Linux and supports full mouse and keyboard controls. The game can also be played with a console controller.

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